Jyoti Sharma, Social Entrepreneur, Environmentalist, and Ashoka Fellow

Jyoti Sharma is the founder President and Chief Functionary of an Indian Non-Profit called FORCE – that works for Water Security and Sustainable Sanitation. Under her stewardship, FORCE has brought together technical experts, community leaders, government and corporates for innovative and successful water and sanitation efforts. In recognition of FORCE's contribution to the cause, FORCE was awarded the National Urban Water Award in 2009 and has been nominated to several Policy making committees of the government. 

Jyoti believes that Water is not just a life giving elixir but also a spiritual Master - a Guru. She meditates on Water to read the messages in Water's flow and actions for guidance on how to live life fully and harmoniously. She tries to share the experience of learning from Water - the Guru - through Water Meditation sessions and discussion sessions. These sessions guide fellow learners on how to negotiate the way through life's challenges. She has also developed Human Resource Development training programs on various topics where the learnings from Water are shared to help add to the skills necessary for professional success.