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Schedule for the day:

9-10 Yoga with Liz Maynard

Simplify, simplify! This beginner's class is designed to bring you back into connection with the felt sense of your body through a series of simple postures and movements. Slow down, feel deeply.

10-10:30 Setting Intention for the Day--Barry Dolinger, Elan Babchuck, Nicole Jellinek

10:30-10:45 Break

10:45 – 12 Session 1 breakouts (choose one)

1. Meditation Liz Maynard 

2. Tapping into the Creative Source  Adam Lavitt

Through this contemplative process, you will access the potential of the Creative Source as you tap into your own creativity. Using drawing as a technology of the sacred, we will create from a place of freedom and experimentation, allowing the image to lead us by following its energy. Reconnect with your own creativity while making art alongside others, free of all comment and critique. All are welcome -- no art experience necessary!

12 – 1:15 Lunch, gratitude, schmooze

1:15-2:30 Session 2 breakouts (choose one)

1. Meditation  Barry Dolinger

Familiar with swirling emotions?  To much to do?  E-mails weighing on your mind and distracting you from being present?  Political and social realities complicating life further? Taking work home with you, physically or emotionally?  Our lives have all grown increasingly complicated over the years, rendering it a large challenge, to say the least, to remain fully present to our actual experience of life.  This limits enjoyment, increases stress, and can create a self-feeding negative cycle. 

Enter mindfulness practice.  This is the practice that allows you to simplify, to work on honing compassionate attention to the present moment.  It's proven to greatly reduce stress, increase happiness, and allow to you really be there for your own life.  It's often calming, and can help serve as a center of balance and equanimity.  Recommended by medical doctors and spiritual practitioners alike, this is a simple, proven way to re-engage the self in a meaningful way.  This session is for practitioners of all levels or those who may be interested in trying formal mindfulness practice for the first time.  Just bring yourself.    

No need to be anxious. We'll be engaging in alternating sitting and walking meditation, with instruction and tips to help frame the practice.

2. Let Your Yogadance Nicole Jellinek and Addie Dublin

Let Your Yoga Dance® is  a chakra dancing yoga fusion, an expression of power & joy combining yoga, the chakras, & user friendly dance with music from all around the world. It is a dance of the multi-dimensional self, bringing tons of fun & healing, breath & movement to the body's seven centers of energy, the chakras. This inspirational dance of yoga is for everybody and every body.

3.Clearing out “Life Clutter” - Spring Cleaning for the Self Sabrina Woods

Have you ever bought a new jacket, opened the hall closet to put it away, only to realize that it’s not going to fit? When your home gets too full or too messy, you sometimes commit to a day of "spring cleaning." What happens, though, when your life gets too full? Do you review what is needed and what isn't? Or, do you just squeeze a bit more in, even if it stresses you out? This workshop is your chance to do a little spring cleaning of the self. A chance to examine what gives you energy as well as what saps you. You’ll see more clearly what puts a smile on your face, and what's producing frown lines. And with awareness, you get the power to make choices and changes in how you spend your time.

2:30 – 2:45 Break

2:45-3:30 Meditation with Jeffery Sathyadev Branch

Mantra is food for the mind. The ancient scriptures of many traditions offer us the nectar of devotion in the sacred syllables they teach us. Jeffery will give a short discourse on meditation and chanting practice, offering insight into their benefits. We will learn an ancient Sanskrit mantra for world peace and sit in the deepening stillness with one another. It will be a Divine and blissful encounter! A perfect end to our day of programs!

3:30 – 4 Closing--Barry Dolinger, Elan Babchuck, Nicole Jellinek